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How To: Play Billy Preston's solo from the Beatles' "Get Back"

Want to know how to perform Billy Preston's classic solo from the Beatles' "Get Back" on the piano or ogan? Learn how with this free video piano lesson. While this tutorial is best suited for intermediate players, pianists of all skill levels can play along given a little time and effort. For more information, and to get started playing the solo from this classic McCartney song on your own keyboard instrument, watch this how-to!

How To: Play the Tetris theme song on the accordion

In this video, we learn how to play the Tetris theme song on the accordion. D major 7 is the first chord, going to A, B flat, C, B flat, A, G, B flat, D, C, B flat, A, B flat, C, D, B flat, G, and G. Play these separately, then practice doing all of these chords in order one after the other to do the first part of the song. Now, walk up to the C chord and then press, B flat, F, D, B flat, D, C, B flat, A, B flat, A, C, D, and D. Continue to play these chords until you reach the end of the son...

How To: Whistle very loud using 4 fingers

First of all you have to wash your hands thoroughly so that they are nice and clean. Now take your middle finger and your index finger of your both hands. Now open your mouth and roll your tongue upwards. Place these fingers on your rolled tongue inside your mouth. Now blow very hard. If you can whistle then you have done it. Otherwise the tutor suggests that you must practice a lot to learn this. You only have to keep following the steps mentioned. It needs a lot of dedication. You will not ...

How To: Play the dizi, a Chinese bamboo flute

In this video, we learn how to play the dizi, a Chinese bamboo flute. First, fine the mouth hole where you place your mouth. After this, look to see the different finger holes that are on the side of the flute. At the end, you will see air vents that are not to be confused with the finger holes. To prepare the flute, you can twist it so the pitch is changed when you play it. Now, place your fingers along the finger holes and start to blow into the mouth opening. After you do this, you will be...

How To: Play a basic melody technique on the autoharp

This how to video installment explains a basic autoharp melody playing technique called "pinching". Playing melody on the autoharp is not as difficult as it may first appear. There are an awful lot of strings, but finding a melody note and playing it clearly isn't as hard as it seems. Pay attention to these harp playing tips.

How To: Treat the skin on your bodhrán drum

Michelle Stewart of demonstrates to viewers how to treat the skin on a Bodhran drum. The skin on this particular drum is made of goat skin and, much like your own skin, must be treated with a skin-conditioning treatment in order to maintain proper moisture.

How To: Play "Girl" by The Beatles on guitar

This video is an acoustic guitar lesson from TboneWilson1978. In this video, he teaches you how to play the song "Girl" by The Beatles. Before you get started you will need a capo to play this song. He begins by showing you which chords you need to know to play the song, and demonstrates how to finger each of them. He then moves on to the progression of the chords through the song, and the strum pattern he uses to play it.

How To: Play Art Tatum two-finger descending runs on piano

If you have so much as a passing interest in jazz piano, then you've surely heard of Art Tatum. This two-part tutorial offers a visual demonstration of one of Art Tatum's favorite licks, the two-finger descending run. While this tutorial is best suited for intermediate or advanced pianists, players of all skill levels can play along. Watch this tutorial to get started playing two-finger runs.

How To: Play rolled chords on the piano

This how to video talks about rolled chords on the piano or keyboard. A rolled chord is a sequence of notes played almost at the same time like strumming a chord on a guitar and very common to provide a harp-like effect on the piano. There are two main uses for rolled chords, one is for the sound effect it makes when played, and the other use is to join big chords that wouldn't be possible for the average person to play solid. This technique is commonly used in 20th century piano music. Watch...

How To: Play the bassline for "Soul Man" by Sam & Dave

"Soul Man" was one of the biggest hits of 1967, and still holds its ground in success. Sam & Dave's hit single, written by Isaac Hayes and David Porter, will forever live on in the music world, and through you… if you play bass. This video is a beginner's lesson to bass guitar, which teaches you how to play the baseline for "Soul Man" by Sam & Dave, with the baseline perfected by Duck Dunn. This is a good bass line for beginners who've played for a bit to get their fingers around.

How To: Play "The Chicken Dance" on the accordion

Interested in playing "The Chicken Dance" on your accordion? See how it's done with this free video accordion lesson, which presents a complete breakdown of the song. While this tutorial is geared toward those who already have some knowledge of the accordion, accordionists of all skill level should be able to follow along given adequate time and effort. For more information, and to get started playing "The Chicken Dance" on your own squeezebox, take a look!

How To: Play "Free Falling" by Tim Petty on acoustic guitar

In this instructional acoustic guitar lesson, learn a fun and easy song with 3 chords using the main progression from Tom Petty's "Free Falling." This tutorial is great for beginners who haven't been playing for very long and want to play a song using a few simple chords. With this lesson and a bit of practice, play "Free Falling" by Tom Petty and improve your guitar playing skills.

How To: Play basic walking bass lines

If you are looking to begin playing the bass then this how to video is the place to start. This is a short demonstration lesson detailing the basic principles of walking bass lines. You will learn some easy scales and how to play a walking bass line for whatever song you are playing. With this tutorial you will learn tips to improve your walking bass technique.

How To: Play the "Howl's Moving Castle" theme on the accordion

If you want to play the Howl's Moving Castle theme on accordion you first need to play on the right hand D, G, B flat, D or G minor and on the left hand you press the C minor then go D 7 and G minor. Then it goes C minor, F and B flat. Next play D minor, E minor, A7, D minor, then C, B flat and A 7. B flat to A 7 is a pretty large jump so you may need to practice. So again you repeat C minor, D7 and G minor. Then C minor, F and Flat. Next play D minor, E minor, A7, D minor, C, B flat and then...

How To: Play "Golden Slumbers" by the Beatles on piano

Playing along with your favorite songs is an enjoyable, and highly effective, way of developing your playing technique. In this piano tutorial, you'll learn how to play "Golden Slumbers" by Paul McCartney of the Beatles. While the lesson is geared toward players of an intermediate skill level, all players can follow along given adequate time and motivation. To get started playing "Golden Slumbers" on your own piano or keyboard, press play!

How To: Use a digital tuner to tune your guitar

Guitars will need to be tuned continuously to ensure that it is tuned for the correct scale and notes so your music makes sounds the way you intend. If you haven’t been playing forever, you will probably need the assistance of an electric tuner to find the note. This video will show you how to tune your guitar using a tuner.

How To: Play "Both Sides Now" by Joni Mitchell on the guitar

Want to learn how to play the guitar like Joni Mitchell? With this two part tutorial you can learn how to play "Both Sides Now" from the album Clouds by Joni Mitchell on the acoustic guitar. This lesson is geared towards intermediate guitarists because it assumes prior knowledge of guitar playing. This song is played in Open G tuning. The host covers the fingerpicking technique for "Both Sides Now." Watch this two part how to video and you will be able to sing and play "Both Sides Now" by Jon...

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