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How To: Play Red Hot Chili Peppers "The Otherside" on guitar

Yourguitarsage shows you how to play the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "The Otherside" on a guitar. Grab your acoustic guitar in order to get started. Some of the song will be played for those who understand the chords. The chords needed for play are A minor, F, C, G, and E minor. The song is in the count of four. Every chorus in the song follows the chords. The verse is A minor, E minor, G, and A minor for two measures. If you don't know how to play, you can download an e-book.

How To: Play "Numb" by Linkin Park on piano

Watch this piano tutorial video to learn how to play "Numb" by Linkin Park on the piano. The instructions include the scale, key signature, and chord breakdowns. Intermediate pianists will have no trouble learning how to play Linkin Park's "Numb" on the piano after watching this helpful how-to video.

How To: Use a digital tuner to tune your guitar

Guitars will need to be tuned continuously to ensure that it is tuned for the correct scale and notes so your music makes sounds the way you intend. If you haven’t been playing forever, you will probably need the assistance of an electric tuner to find the note. This video will show you how to tune your guitar using a tuner.

How To: Use the EQ, bass, mid and treble on a DJ mixer

Want to mix and scratch like a professional DJ? To be a good DJ you need to understand the concepts of mixing tracks, adding cool effects, and of course you need a good sense of rhythm to line up the beats. This how to video explains how to use the EQ, bass, mid, and treble on a DJ mixer. This video gives you a demonstration on how to use the EQ on a DJ mixer while a track is playing. It should be set at twelve o'clock because when that track is made at the studio, it's made as a flat signal....

How To: Play "Trouble" by Coldplay on piano

Watch this piano tutorial video to learn how to play Coldplay's "Trouble" on the piano. These instructions are very detailed, including transcribed music, and are best suited for intermediate students who can read music. This helpful how-to video will help you play Coldplay's "Trouble" like Chris Martin himself in no time.

How To: Play John Lee Hooker style blues riff on the guitar

Want to play lead guitar in a rock band? Well first you have to learn techniques from the masters. This guitar lesson from Siggi Mertens teaches you how to play a ohn Lee Hooker style blues riff. There are similar blues riffs to this John Lee Hooker riff. "Boom, Boom" or "Suzie Q" by Creedence Clearwater Revival or Tommy Emmanuel´s "Stevie´s Blues" are great examples of this blues style riff. Once you get a hang of these popular guitar chords and tunes, you can start incorporating them into y...

How To: Play classical music on the ukulele

The ukulele is a beautiful and unique stringed instrument that is perfect for the traveling musician because it is so portable and relatively inexpensive. The ukelele is a version of a small guitar that originated in Hawaii. In this tutorial, ukulele master, Gordon Mark shows us one of his techniques for playing classical music on his KoAloha ukulele. Once you get a hang of this technique you will be able to play some easy songs on the uke.

How To: Bow an upright bass

Bowing an upright bass is a technique that diversifies the sounds and music that can be made by the instrument. Play with a bow on upright bass with tips from a music teacher in this free stringed instrument video series.

How To: Play "Prenzlauerberg" by Beirut on the accordion

In this video you are shown how to play Prenzlauerberg on accordion. You will use the right hand for the melody. Both hands will be used. Your tutor divides the song into three playable components, after you develop skill in playing them you can piece them together. The song starts on G, the chords played include G minor, C minor and D7. The D7 chord includes the notes D, F sharp and C. When playing a chord you hold all of the notes (keys) of the chord at the same time. Also, playing D7 chord...

How To: Play the Chordettes' "Mister Sandman" on the ukulele

Want to play "Mr. Sandman" on the ukulele? Learn how with this free video ukulele lesson from Ukulele Mike. Whether you play the ukulele or bass kazoo, there is no better way to improve your chops than by learning to play your favorite songs. Not only is it more fun and much easier than running drills or memorizing a chord book by wrote, it's obviously also a wonderful way to build your repertory of songs. For more information, and to get started playing this popular song most famously record...

How To: Change a string on your guzheng

This video explains how to change a string of guzheng. The process is well described in the video with each and every steps clearly. The thing that is to be done is loosen the peg in a an anticlockwise direction using a tuning tool to remove the string. Thus remove it. If there is no string to begin with then loosen the tuning first before fitting a new string. Than take a new string and insert the pointed end through the hole from the back of the guzheng. To get it on other side pull it thro...

How To: Play "Do I" by Luke Bryan on guitar

Aron Gallagher teaches us how to learn the song "Do I" by Luke Bryan. He first talks about using a guitar capo, which is useful for this song and learning guitar in general. He starts of with four chords: G, E minor, D and then C. He also talks about placing your fingers for comfortable playing. He starts to begin the song and talks about the way you should move your hand, like up, down, up, down. It's a somewhat more methodical way of learning to play this song.

How To: Play Blake Shelton's "Home" on acoustic guitar

Grab your acoustic guitar, strap, and your pick and check out this free guitar lesson. This video tutorial will teach you country rock guitarists how to play a Blake Shelton song. Not just any Blake Shelton song, but one of his greatest: "Home." And just so you know, here are the lyrics to go along with this instructional guitar lesson:

How To: Play Eric Clapton's "Malted Milk" on guitar

Popularized by artists like Son House and Skip James, Delta blues is not only one of the oldest forms of blues music, it is among the most stylistically distinct and technically rewarding to play. In this video guitar lesson from YouTube user deltabluestips, you'll learn how to play a Delta blues-inflected version of Eric Clapton's "Malted Milk." While this lesson is geared more toward intermediate and advanced guitarists, this means beginning players merely have all the more to learn. Get st...

How To: Play the "Super Mario Bros" theme on electric guitar

We've all heard of Mario. He is probably one of the most famous characters in video game history created by Nintendo. Remember the theme song that you would hear and dance to when you were a kid? This video shows how to play that theme song on guitar! This guitar lesson shows each fret and string to strike as it carefully explains each note in the Mario theme song. Watch the fingers fly as you learn how to play using tabs with walkthrough explanations every step of the way. Learn each section...

How To: Connect your laptop to your DJ mixer

This video shows you how to connect your laptop to your mixer. First you will need two different sound sources from your laptop to your mixer. This is so that you can use all of your mixer functions on two different channels. The way to do this is to run a 1/8" RCA cable channel 7 from your normal earphone jack to the mixer. Also use a behringer uca202 audio interface to connect to the laptop via USB cord. This provides another earphone jack. Then use a master out cable to connect it to an am...

How To: Play a simple guitar boogie in G

Check out this music tutorial video that demonstrates how to play a simple guitar boogie in G. This instructional video provides fret diagrams and live action to show how to play a simple boogie in G. This video is aimed at budding fingerstyle guitar players, but can be adapted to a pick. Advanced beginners are also encouraged to watch and learn. Play a simple guitar boogie in G and improve your guitar playing skills!

How To: Make musical instruments from household items

This SUPER cool video shows how to make some fantastic percussion instruments out of items you can easily find around your house, or for cheap around your neighborhood. From plastic pails, PVC pipes, tin cans, buckets, 45 gallon drums and more. This video is short, but very inspiring when you see what cool things you can build on your own. Musical instruments can cost thousands of dollars, but with this video you can make dozens of instruments from items around your home!

How To: Play "Love Story" by Taylor Swift on ukulele

If you want to play 'Love Story' by Taylor Swift on ukulele you should first start with making sure you have your ukulele standard tuned to G, C, E and A top to bottom. You will use the chords C, G, Am and F. These are the chords that are use basically through the entire song. Only at the end is a Bm chord thrown into the song. The strumming patter is Down Down Up, Up Down Up. Play this for each of the chords. You can also pick within the chords if you like this. This is the intro. For the ve...

How To: Play the notes B, A, and G on a recorder with Mrs.Hill

How to play the notes b, a, and g on a recorderHillary Hill demonstrates to us how to play a mouth piece. Note b is played by completely covering the thumb hole in the back and the thumb hole in the front. Remember to cover the hole completely to avoid squicky sounds. Note a is played by covering the thumb hole in the back, the first hole at the top and the second hole. To play g, its the thumb hole and the top three holes on the piece. Its important to use the left hand because when we learn...

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