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News: Girl Plays Super Mario Bros. Theme on Ancient Chinese Instrument—& It Sounds Exactly the Same

Super Mario Bros. is one of the most renowned games in history. It helped resurrect a dying video game industry in the mid-'80s and still remains one of the best-selling video games of all time—one reason why the new NES Classic Edition is so popular and impossible to get these days. Its simple story of a plumber trying to rescue a princess resulted in a video game empire for Nintendo.

Wheels of Steel: A Virtual Turntable in Your Browser

Wheels of Steel is a virtual browser-based turntable emulator created by Scott Schiller, a Canadian developer who works on Flickr at Yahoo. This project will appeal to those who A) dig turntablism and B) are knowledgeable in web development. I know nothing of the latter, but from what I can tell, Wheels of Steel appears to be significant because unlike its predecessors, it employs CSS3 instead of flash. Since I'm not familiar with the topic, here's Scott on the history and technical details o...

News: Va Va Voom! 22-Year-Old Electric Uke Virtuoso Is... Electrifying

In a word... WOW. 22-year-old Taimane Gardner, a Honolulu native, stuns the audience with her electric uke rendition of Bach's Toccata. Forget the fact that Taimane's skill level is incredible... her stage presence is insane! Taimane has been performing and winning ukulele contests since the age of five. Says Taimane: “I remember the day I got it. It was lying on the table and the first thing that popped into my head was ‘rock star’. I picked it up and played in front of the mirror until I br...

The Art of Farting: Extreme Jedi Anus Control

Nearly all humans (admittedly childishly) admire the ability to emit uncannily musical armpit or hand farts, or even rarer- mouth fart motor engine aping. However, it is the rare occasion that a performer's gaseous-sounding melodic notes are indeed truly gaseous (meaning literally discharged from the butt-hole).

News: Five-Arm Turntable Has Got It on Lock

If you have a fear of needles, you may want to sit this one out. Billed as an "analog answer for the digitalized DJ," this five-arm turntable plays an ode to the lock groove. What's a lock groove? Glad you asked. Whereas normal grooves lead the stylus in toward the label of the record, lock or "locked" grooves form a perfect circuit, looping around on themselves forever and ever. Throw in a few extra tone arms as London-based artist Yuri Suzuki has done and you've got yourself a full-featured...

Drumssette: A DIY Drum Machine

While digital samplers have their merits, they're predictable in a way that can cause them to sound stiff or sterile. The solution? A return to the analog, tape-based samplers of yesteryear, which, with their inherent mechanical noise and euphonic distortions, offer a more musical take on the sampling process.

News: May the Fart Be With You

Performance by WonderHowTo's beloved hand manualist, Gerry Phillips, in honor of Star Wars Day. (Compare Gerry's song with the original scene, second video in the gallery below). Previously, Happy Star Wars Day! Naked Stormtrooper Life Drawing (NSFW).

News: Lady Gaga Goes Uke

Here we are again. This time, however, it's not Britney Spears that's being uke-d, but the delightfully infamous Lady Gaga. The wicked (we-can't-help-but-look-watch-listen) Lady Gaga.

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